Penwerx and Whatnot is the creation of Bruce Farrow, and his life long passion to work with his hands.  He has dabbled in various woodworking endeavours for over 50 years and now spends most of his time working on custom crafted pens and pencils.  to compliment these fine works he also creates candle holders, bottle stoppers, coffee and ice cream scoops, coasters, and other creations.

Recently Penwerx has branched out and started to utilize other materials such as stone and acrylic.  These new materials create many amazing and unique designs which are one of a kind.  The beauty of this work is no matter how hard we try, no two pens are the same.

We also have a line of pens with a woods man theme.  Some are made from antler and others use bullet casings, while still more have bolt-action mechanisms.

We invite you to check out our products and visit us at one of our  upcoming shows.